Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Signs of a broken CVT Motor Matic

Knowing the damage to the CVT of an automatic motorcycle is one of the maintenance steps to maintain the performance of an automatic motorcycle engine


Characteristics of a Damaged CVT Matic Motor - It is undeniable that the automatic motor is currently a personal vehicle that is widely chosen by our society.

Practical and flexible to be ridden in all terrains, making scooters also widely owned as the main means of transportation.

Not without reason, by relying on the Continuous Variable Timing transmission, the driver certainly doesn't have to bother pulling the clutch lever or injecting the gear lever. Just step on the gas, the motor can run immediately.

However, you still can not leave the treatment step. Given, does not rule out the potential for damage will still be experienced by this automatic motor.

One component that is also often problematic is the CVT. If this component is damaged, of course the automatic motor will not be able to run.

Therefore, one of the steps to minimize damage is to take steps to prevent damage to the automatic scooter CVT.

Among them is recognizing the early signs or symptoms of CVT motor matic damage. So, it can be repaired immediately without the need to wait until it is completely damaged.

Given, if left alone then the damage to the CVT motor matic will spread to other components.

Therefore, you should recognize the signs or characteristics of a damaged CVT motor matic as a preventive measure to minimize the occurrence of more severe damage.

As a vital component, of course CVT on the scooter must receive serious attention and care. One of them is by recognizing the signs of CVT damage on this automatic motor.

Cvt Motor Matic Broken

Noise is heard in Section V-Belt Section

In general, symptoms of damage to the CVT system on automatic motors can usually be indicated by the presence of noise that appears in the V-Belt sector.

This is a sign that there is a problem with the CVT that requires you to do a thorough check.

Especially if the sound issued is very loud and noisy. So you don't have to wait too long to fix it.

There is a vibration when the motor is gassed

Then, another characteristic that indicates there is a problem with the CVT, of course, can be seen from the vibrations that appear. Especially when the motor is gassed for the first time or during acceleration.

Generally this condition is a sign of damage to the CVT roller. It could be due to age of use or it has started to wear out.

This condition is sometimes not detected at all. However, if there is a vibration, it is a sign that the CVT roller has begun to run out of service and must be replaced immediately.

To be sure, you can ask the mechanic when doing routine service or changing the oil regularly.

The Motor Feels Ndut-Ndut When Gasping

On the other hand, you also have to pay attention to how the condition of the motor when gassed. Because, CVT damage can be known when you run the motor.

Which, there is a feeling of the motor like tripping or stuttering like running out of gas. This is a symptom of a malfunction in the CVT clutch bowl.

If this has happened then you need to do an in-depth examination.

Given, not necessarily the condition of a wobbly motor like this is a sign or characteristic of a damaged CVT. There may be a problem with the chain.

However, if it has happened repeatedly, it is very possible that the CVT automatic motor clutch bowl has problems or damage that needs special repairs.

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