Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Causes of Missing Articles From Google Search Engines

Articles are one of the most important parts that determine whether or not the search engine rating (google, bing, yahoo, yandex) on a blog.

Many bloggers are looking for ways to get the posts they publish to appear on the first page of search results.

But have you ever realized, why blog articles don't appear or even disappear from the Google search engine? There are several factors that cause articles to disappear from search engines. As I have explained below.

The cause of the article missing from the google search engine

1. Blog age is still new

If your article or even the blog/site itself doesn't show up in Google searches, it's usually because your blog is still relatively new.

This issue is common and will be resolved over time. You just need to be diligent in writing articles on a regular basis. Don't be shy about trying to introduce your blog through social media. The most important thing is to follow the procedures set by Google on how to introduce a new site. What you can do is the following:

Register your blog to webmaster google, bing and yahoo.

Create a sitemap/sitemap on the webmaster.

Inserting the webmaster meta tag into the blog is intended to verify site ownership.

Submit the url of the article you just published.

Keep your blog healthy by regularly writing articles and visiting other blogs.

Given the age of your blog is still new, at this stage the Google search engine is still indexing your site.

The length of time for self-indexing is uncertain. Because in this case usually the time required by search engines varies greatly. But the more often you publish articles, it will make your blog indexed faster.

2. Google Penalty Blog

Another reason why your blog is not showing up in Google searches is the possibility that your blog has been penalized by Google. Generally this penalty will be given to bloggers who have very bad activities in managing their blogs.

As in making irregular backlinks. Leave irrelevant comments that are considered spam by blog owners. Excessive comments on sites with active links are included.

Including too many keywords in an article can also cause your article to disappear from search engines. Because Google thinks your article is not high quality. So, write articles that are easy and easy for visitors to read.

3. Selection of the wrong keywords.

In this case you have to be more selective in choosing keywords. If you want your articles to be indexed quickly and perched on Google search pages, try to target long-term keywords. Such as the discussion of education, android, computers, recipes, etc. which include basic material. Don't write anything viral, because viral articles won't last long on search engine pages.

4. Competition between blogs

This last point is certainly a very common thing in the world of blogging. The tight competition between blogs that have the same topic/niche will of course also affect the position of your article.

In terms of competition, many factors determine, including blog age, SEO, quality of writing, backlinks, DA PA etc. If you don't have all of these aspects on your blog, don't expect to beat the competition. . in search engines with the same keywords.

If you have trouble even want to quickly prove that your blog article is in the top position. Write articles that don't say much. For example the local wisdom of an area, local tourism in the area. The point is there are still many who do not know.

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