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How to Make a Simple Duck Cage From Bamboo

Duck cages - ducks are indeed farm animals that live in colonies unlike chickens that look for their own food, therefore in raising ducks it is necessary to have quite a lot of ducks.

Ducks usually prefer to be released in rice fields that have been harvested or even in rivers and other places that wallow and water.

How to Make a Duck Cage

There are many things to consider in making a cage that ducks like. namely there are puddles for me to play in and there is also a place to shelter from direct sunlight, lots of cages and what kinds of materials can be used to make a colony of duck cages.

1 . Bamboo

Many can be used from this one plant. For example, only small bamboo shoots, namely (BAMBUNG) which are small bamboo shoots that can be used as food ingredients for many processed foods that use bamboo shoots.

In making the cage must be in accordance with the land to be used, you can example duck cage below:

depending on the size you need, in making the cage it should be about 1 meter or more and made rather tightly so that it makes it difficult for pests that will eat ducks and duck thieves. and don't forget to also make shelter for the ducks from the heat, if the land is large enough, you should make a pond or duck puddle so that the ducks feel at home in the cage.

2 . Waring

For those who don't know waring, I will explain waring which is a long net, which is usually used to make fish cages or protect farmers' fields from disturbances from other animals such as chickens or ducks as well as children playing in the fields.

Is waring good in making duck cages, of course it is better if waring is specially designed to protect waring, indeed waring is not as strong as bamboo, but waring is quite effective in making livestock cages.

if you have a waring that is not used, it is better to use it to make other livestock cages, especially ducks. example of a duck cage that uses waring:

The picture above is only for your reference in making duck cage ideas, for the poles you can use wood, bamboo and iron if you have one. then hooked or tied using a rope or wire commonly used to make castings in buildings. size according to your land.

3 . Wall

This one is indeed a fairly large capital in its manufacture, starting from making a foundation and then making a wall, indeed in this way it is classified as safe from animal attacks, namely monitor lizards and snakes and usually thieves.

wild animals eat duck eggs or even prey on the ducks themselves. in the manufacture according to your wishes or according to your land. Don't forget to also provide shelter for the ducks from the hot sun or rain and the good thing is that in the duck cage there is also land for ducks or pools of water to swim to get additional feed too.

How to Make a Quality Goat Cage

A good cage system will determine the success of the goat business.

This is because the cage system will assist in goat rearing management such as facilitating feeding and drinking, mating, handling births, handling sick goats, and others.

For example, when the farmer is going to give feed, it will be difficult if the feeder is too high because the farmer has to lift the feed first.

On the other hand, farmers will easily provide feed if the height of the feeder is in accordance with the reach of the breeder.

A good quality cage will also be a comfortable place for goats to live, grow, and breed. Goats can be protected from direct wind and protected from the heat of the sun and rain.

 Goats can also get healthy and refreshing air and can live in peace because they are protected from germs, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes.

With a good cage, goats get maximum care so that they can produce optimally as well. A good cage will also facilitate the use of urine and goat manure to be used as compost so that it can increase the economic value of goat farming.

In a good stable situation, the stable staff will feel comfortable keeping the goats and will be eager to work. Therefore, a good cage size can be judged automatically when we are in the middle of the cage.

Poor housing will be the cause of the failure of the goat business. There are often cases of cempe being trampled to death, trapped between the floor of the cage, or freezing to death. This is because farmers do not provide separate cages for each period of goat life and pay less attention to local wind conditions.

Poor management of the cage will also make the distribution of feed uneven so that the uniformity of goat growth will also be low.

Some fatal events that are actually unlikely to happen are goats dying from maggots in rotting wounds and cases of dead goats hanging in the cage. These two things don't really need to happen if the cage construction is good.

The size of the cage must also be in accordance with the physiological phase, type of goat, and the purpose of rearing. The size of the cage for fattening is different from the size of the cage for breeding.

Monday, September 6, 2021

How to Grow Watermelon in a Pot

Watermelon is a water-rich fruit that must be familiar. The fruit is refreshing and contains many vitamins that are often used as a dessert after eating.

Watermelon is more often grown in dry areas and in rice fields. However, it turns out that planting watermelons can also be done in pots and in a narrow yard. Planting watermelons in pots is actually very easy and you can practice at home.

Watermelon plants can usually be harvested within three months of planting. Of course it would be great if you could figure out how to grow your own watermelon in your yard and pick the fruit in a relatively short time.

Tips on how to grow watermelon in pots guaranteed to grow thick

One way to grow watermelons that are starting to be used often is to use potting media. How to grow watermelon with pot media is very easy to do.

Planting watermelons in this medium will make it easier for you to carry out maintenance, supervision, and control.

Another advantage of potting media is that it does not take up much space. It is perfect for you to put in the backyard, front porch, even in an unused warehouse.

Here are some supports in growing watermelons in pots that you must understand first.

Terms of Growing Watermelon in a Pot

Although how to grow watermelons in pots is fairly easy, you must first understand a few things that support the process of growing watermelon plants in pots.

watermelon growing conditions

Some things you need to know are as follows:

The soil that watermelon plants need to grow must have sufficient nutrients for plants to grow optimally.

The climate around which requires watermelon is in the lowlands or highlands with an altitude of less than 1000 meters above sea level.

Soil pH conditions are suitable for growing watermelon plants in pots. One of them is a suitable neutral pH around 5 to 7 to support maximum results.

After knowing the growing conditions needed, then you can prepare watermelon seeds in the next step.

Watermelon Seed Selection

Good fruit results of course come from good seeds too. Selection of quality seeds is very important to produce quality and fruitful plants.

Therefore, in choosing the right watermelon seeds or seedlings, there are several things you can pay attention to, one of which is as follows:

You can buy good watermelon seeds or seedlings at farm stores with various types and varieties.

The selected seeds must be healthy, shiny black or brownish

The seeds showed good appearance, were not affected by pests and were not abnormal.

After choosing the right and appropriate watermelon seeds, to get good watermelon growth results. The need to get watermelon seeds that grow evenly and healthy is one of them by going through the next stages.

Watermelon Seed Treatment Process

After selecting watermelon seeds according to the variety needed. Then the next step is that you can do the seeding process in the following way:

Clean the watermelon seeds that have been prepared previously.

Then soak the seeds using GDM Fruit Specialist Liquid Organic Fertilizer mixed with warm water for approximately 24 hours. With the required dose in soaking, namely 1 cup of GDM Fruit Specialist Liquid Organic Fertilizer for a dose of 5 liters of warm water.

The purpose of soaking is so that watermelons that have been planted are not susceptible to pests and diseases, especially those caused by fungi and can accelerate the release of potential roots.

The time needed in the soaking process is a day before planting. This is to optimize the growth of seeds to be planted. Supported by one of the premium bacteria in GDM Fruit Specialist Liquid Organic Fertilizer, namely Bacillus pumillus.

Stages of Watermelon Seeds in Polybag

The next step is to plant watermelon seeds while sowing the previously soaked seeds.

6 Ways to Take Care of Banana Trees to Have Big Fruits

Who doesn't know bananas? We are sure if all readers no one answered no. Must also memorize the types of bananas such as Ambon bananas, milk bananas, plantains, kepok bananas, mas bananas, and many other types of bananas.

Banana is a fruit that is found in almost all corners of Indonesia. Trees also grow everywhere, on the roadside, on the river bank, in the yard, in the garden, to forest bushes.

The taste of the fruit is delicious and sweet, and the price is affordable, making bananas loved by all levels of society. Moreover, banana tree cultivation is not complicated, so it makes people interested in planting it.

Terms of Planting Banana Trees

Although easy to cultivate, there are several things that must be considered so that banana trees can grow well. A few of them:

Planted in areas with a tropical climate both in the highlands and in the lowlands with a maximum altitude not exceeding 1600 meters above sea level. But there are also those who say, banana trees can still grow at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

For planting media, bananas can still grow even in less fertile soil. However, good soil is soil that contains loam and a little gravel and is well cultivated. Avoid in waterlogged soil.

For the tree nursery itself, there are two ways to get quality seeds, namely by taking seeds from banana plant saplings and seedlings in the form of shoots on the hump or better known as 'bits'.

How to take care of a banana tree to bear big fruit

Then, to get a banana tree that bears large fruit, care must be taken starting from land preparation, planting, banana trees, maintenance, to harvest time. Previously we have discussed How to Grow Banana Trees. For that we provide tips and tricks on how to care for banana trees so that they bear big fruit.

The steps that must be taken so that the banana tree bears large fruit include:

Land preparation

The soil should be free of weeds or grass. This is done so that nothing inhibits the growth of banana seedlings that will be planted later. Then make a hole with a size of 60 cm x 60 cm, with a height of half a meter with a distance between holes of about 3 to 4 meters.

The distance is given so that later bananas can grow well. Don't forget before inserting the seeds into the hole, you must give 2-3 cans of manure first about 1-2 weeks before planting.

Seed preparation and planting process

For beginners, it is recommended to get seeds by taking banana seeds that grow around ripe bananas. Because this is the easiest way to get banana tree seeds. Unless you know how to get seeds by taking saplings from banana feed, go ahead!

The planting process itself should be done at the beginning of the rainy season, although planting banana seedlings in the dry season is okay. As long as you don't forget to water it, especially at the beginning of planting.


If you want your banana tree to bear fruit, fertilization is the thing to do. One month after the pods are planted, fertilize the trees with a mixed dose of 250 grams of Za, 100 grams of DS, and 150 grams of ZK per plant. Give fertilizer regularly with a span of 3 months. The important thing to note is that fertilization is done by soaking it in a circle around the tree.

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Right Time To Launch Your App

Waktu yang Tepat Untuk Meluncurkan Aplikasi Anda

There is really no doubt for the incredible progress that the mobile app has brought since its inception. To make you understand the importance of mobile devices, see the question above. I think it's pretty clear how we as users are so obsessed with this technology.

The Right Time To Launch Your App

And if I talk about companies, be they big or small companies, they have all understood the dynamics of technological change and have shaped the way they promote their business, which is certainly a smart decision. to make.

But the question that is often asked and I think should be answered is when is the right time for businesses to launch their mobile apps? Should there be factors to consider when introducing your app to the world?

The answer is yes, definitely yes. Changes in dynamics and trends are not only observed by large scale companies, and believe me, they are not the only ones who have been working on mobile technology. Small-scale companies too, knowing how big the profit and high reach of mobile apps are, are also starting to promote their business through mobile apps.

There is no doubt how strongly the demand for mobile apps has grown and every company with the aim of outperforming its competitors is looking for ways to do the best they can, and launching apps is the best they can do.

Obviously, building an app takes a lot of time and effort, but even a high-quality app developed can go to waste if it's not launched at the right time.

So, to help you choose the right time to launch your app, below is a list of factors to get the desired results from the mobile market.

The Importance of Understanding the User Purchasing Cycle Process: Do you know what the most important factors are to pay attention to? This ensures that your app gets to the screens of your targeted users. Understanding a user's buying cycle is one of the most important tools to pay attention to.

When it comes to users, you should know that each individual has their own app download cycle. Some download new apps regularly, while others prefer to download apps once a month. There will also be people who download apps only when they have bought a new phone. Therefore, as a business person, you need to do excessive research on your audience's buying practices and launch your app accordingly.

Know Your Purpose: It is very important to know the purpose of your application. Are you planning to launch the app for an event or will it be used for seasonal sales purposes or are you launching it for everyday use? Knowing your app's purpose creates a powerful impact on your app's revenue.

Choose the Right Time: Businesses with the aim of reaching the consumer market must have a number of strategies. Having an interesting app is one of them. Therefore, determining the exact time, day, week and month of the year plays a very important role when launching your app, as these decisions help your app's success.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

5 Important Factors That Make Apps Successful

5 Faktor Penting membuat Aplikasi yang Sukses

Innovative ideas turn into success stories only and only if executed in the right way. Being a mobile startup, it is important to know that not all mobile app ideas are successful and reach customers.

5 Important Factors That Make Apps Successful

There are dozens of factors that influence the success of a mobile app. Thus, it is very important to point out the essential elements of a successful launch plan.

Define Terms Well

Being a mobile startup, you should know that its success usually depends on the pre-comparison stage as opposed to the coding process. Startups fail mostly because they don't really need the product's user needs. So take some time to list all the smallest details related to requirements, users before starting the coding process.

Keep simple

Contemporary developers take and incorporate as many features into the application as possible. Looking back, you can point out that among the millions of applications available, very few of them provide one because it offers a specific and sharp solution. Therefore, it is important to focus on one aspect and do it perfectly by combining many features on average. Take the smart route to sunrise; start less, check your progress constantly and scale properly.

Look for an Efficient API

A bad API is one of the most important problems faced by mobile startups. It is important to check if the application offers a well-designed backend service. This will result in fast and economical mobile data, thus offering a satisfying experience for the users. Thus, developers and entrepreneurs should focus on the front end and back end of mobile apps to offer better user experience.

the importance of Feedback

Before launching mobile first, it's important to consider beta testers. This is very helpful in removing all bugs and fixing loopholes before launching. You can build a prototype of your idea and reach an audience with it to gather relevant user feedback. Analyzing customer reviews will help you improve them and make them more useful, more interesting.

Make Realistic Goals

Start using mobile devices to cope with the enormous amount of stress associated with scheduling, goal development, and planning budgets. However, aside from this goal, it's important to set realistic requirements and have the features that users demand in your app. In addition, it is important to think and act realistically about the development process and ensure that it is also budget-focused.

Application-oriented startups need to put in a lot of effort to succeed. Your unique idea must go through rigorous testing to understand its market acceptance. Also, it is very important to sign up for an expert mobile app development service from your company who has deep technical knowledge and creative mindset.

Friday, August 13, 2021

How to Prepare for a Successful Sales Interview

They say first impression is everything. When applying for a job, it is very important to have a resume that stands out.

Not to pressure you, but if you made it to the interview, you now need to make a big impression on your behavioral interview. Don't worry because it's easier than it sounds.

Below you will find a guide on how to prepare for a behavioral interview. Keep reading, and we'll help you get the job done.

What is a Behavioral Interview?

Chances are, you've been part of a behavioral interview and didn't even realize it.

In a sales behavior interview, the employer will ask you questions to assess whether or not you have quick problem-solving skills and effective communication tactics. They want to quickly select the best employees who will generate sales.

Know Your Items

Common interview questions for experienced sales positions will focus on your past experience in sales. It's important to highlight your strengths, and it never hurts to do an educational refresher on what you've been taught.

The interviewer will most likely ask about your experience with different sales strategies, the different software you use, and administrative processes. They are looking for pre-qualified candidates to select the final people.

When answering their questions, be sure to answer tactfully. They will be able to tell if you are saying empty words just to fill the silence. It's okay to gather your thoughts for a moment before answering.

If you're a little unfamiliar with software programs and control systems, find video tutorials or take online courses. Even learning some well-known sales vocabulary will help you in the interview.

Practice Your Answers

Practicing your answers to common sales behavior interview questions will prepare you.

Be prepared to answer questions about your organizational skills and what a typical day in sales looks like to you. You'll also want to know how much time you usually spend working with clients.

Make a mental note of how you prioritized your tasks and clients during a busy week and what you did if one of your clients was particularly difficult. You may even be asked how you have handled a difficult supervisor in the past.

Remember how you talked about difficult individuals saying much about your character.

Other questions you receive may focus on what you do when a client drops you, the presentation you give to the client, and the goals you have set for yourself in the past.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Model for Predicting Job Interview Results

The ability to predict interview outcomes can help voters decide whether to attend a job interview or more importantly, perhaps not ask which job interview questions they need to improve in order to increase the job offer for the position. where they have the associated skills, competencies and confidence.

The interviewer makes interview choices based on the interview - the job analysis process is designed to predict future performance.

Decision making, however, is a two-system process. partially logistic - slower analytical process and emotional - quick judgment based on stereotypes and judgments.

Therefore, an employee applying for the same position, in the same organization, providing the same detailed explanation for the same interview question may receive different scores if interviewed by two different managers.

There is a two-step process for forming an opinion in a job interview

  • Subconscious bias
  • Interview Identity
  • Job interview bias.

The initial impression is made after the interviewee is introduced to the employer. Emotional impressions - hunches, where stereotypes and subconscious about the formation of the interviewer's perception.

Many varied stimuli trigger unconscious biases, some advocates being supportive, while others creating negative opinions. Research has shown how weight, ethnicity, age, religion, attractiveness or background can be used subconsciously to shape interviewees' opinions.

Having something in common can increase the liking between the employer and the search, increase the likelihood of developing job inquiries (affinity base) and mutual liking, being liked by someone because they like you, and building rapport.

Seen as a 'raising manager' view of challenges, even to the point of increasing the level of trust they hold in applicants.

And hearing how one promotion candidate is a strong candidate, for an internal interview, can give you an idea of ​​the offer by creating a 'halo effect'.

Association is a strong bias. Research on religious bias found how attractively changing his name to 'Mo' increased the number of interview offers he received. And age, race, and gender match well to add or subtract each applicant for their advertised old position.

An example is how women apply for traditional male roles that are incompatible with men.

The power of the subconscious in a job interview.

This opinion is the conscious mind. Entrepreneurs, in most cases, are not aware of the subconscious biases that come into play.

The interviewer, in the example of a woman applying for a job in a male role, is not sexy. In contrast, subconscious bias affects, to a lesser extent, how judged during a job interview. With so many promises made with little difference between a successful and a second choice, therefore, combining these points can make all the difference.

Entrepreneur's reaction to stereotypes.

some people have 'problems'; sexist, ageist, racist, and many other issues. We classify these individuals as Conscious and Unconcerned - if the applicant has a stimulus that the employer does not like, it will be difficult to change the initial opinion even when evidence to the contrary has been presented.

Conscious and Caring - when subconscious biases become apparent (interviewers realize they like and dislike for no reason). Consciously, interviewers can challenge themselves.

If for example, a recruiter makes a negative opinion about a candidate based on obsession (a study was completed in which applications were sent with a candidate's image. Half were sent with obsessive imagery and the other half were sent with obsessive imagery.

image of an 'average' weight candidate. The experimenter found that being overweight was less likely to get a job interview offer), they could ask whether weight was important for the job in question? Or find examples of overweight employees who are very successful in their fields.